Recordings of Conference on Singlesness, Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

6:16 PM Let's see: I've been talkin' with some friends Down Under about a visit to Australia next spring. Isn't that cool? Wouldn't it be something to surf Manli or Bondy? In between lecturing and speaking, of course. I'll let you know how things turn out, but it sounds like them Aussies are downright serious. While surfing the Down-Under Web, I noticed that the 2014 Priscilla and Aquila Conference was just held at Moore Theological College in Sydney. The topic was singleness, marriage, divorce, and remarriage in ministry. According to this webpage, audio from the lectures will be made available shortly. It should make for some very interesting listening. Breaking one's wedding vows has become all too common among evangelicals today. I'm witnessing the impact of divorce in some very personal ways. Marriages I know and love are in trouble. There's much more to say, but for the moment let me suggest that we read the Gospels on this subject if we haven't already. Luke 16:18 is clear as to what the biblical position ought to be. And if I may put in a plug for a work I co-edited (with Allan Bevere), I still think H. Van Dyke Parunak's Except for Fornication is an exceptionally well-written treatise on the subject. Pastors, give it a look if you haven't already. And remember guys: a vow is a vow.


P.S. Just how does one say "Cowabunga" in Australia?

(From Dave Black Online. Used by permission.)

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